Got Wi-Fi–enabled devices such as tablets and laptops that you want to connect to the Internet?

Our Hotspots are very affordable, saving our customers money. We have High Speed Hotspots for $129.99 then ONLY $34.99 per month. Give us a call/text 9566095902.

Connect up to 5 Wi-Fi–enabled devices

Laptops. Tablets. Gaming consoles. Cameras. Music players. Wearables and more. If your gadget is Wi-Fi–enabled, our exclusive AT&T Hotspots  give you a secure connection to an extremely reliable network.

Stay charged for when you need it most

Stay charged for when you need it most

Connect up to 20 devices on WiFi and have it on the go. Wherever you go! Our devices work all over the U.S. Especially if no internet provider services your area, our devices outperform in rural areas as well.

Easily get information from the color display

The large, colorful display with touch-navigation keys allows you to easily view onscreen help menus, FAQs, data usage and more. Touch keys put easy navigation and access to critical device and network information at your fingertips.

Affordable Internet, only $34.99 per Month

Power your connections nationwide

Headed down south or up north? No matter your reason for heading anywhere in the US, our hotspots can come with you—they’re Global Ready and can be used anywhere in the United States.